Films: Cocktails

We like our drinks to look as good as they taste, so we’ve created a smattering of short films to whet your whistles.


Conker Cold Brew – The Espresso Martini

Conker Cold Brew Coffee has all the essential Espresso Martini ingredients already in the bottle. Simply shake over ice with a touch of water and hey presto, a perfect Espresso Martini every, single, time!


#1 The Oozer

We kick off the Conker Cocktail films with the talented and exceedingly likeable Lloyd Brown from one of our favourite watering holes, the Venner Bar in Bridport, Dorset.


#2 Conkering the Bronx

For round two of the Conker Cocktail films we take you to The Library in Southbourne, Dorset. Meet Cameron Moncaster, an alchemist of the highest order. Here’s his twist on a classic.


#8 The Rubi

Mezcal, Port and Conker Cold Brew?! Yup! Here's the wonderful (and smiley) Gemma Terry from Ojo Rojo in Bournemouth mixing up her tasty concoction.

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