Dorset Gin

Dorset Dry Gin

40% ABV

The Dorset Dry Gin embodies the bright and refreshing spirit of Dorset.

Distilled in Bournemouth from 10 select botanicals, including marsh samphire, elderberries and hand-picked gorse flowers foraged from across the Dorset Jurassic Coast.

Classic in style for a crisp and refreshing G&T with a long citrus finish.



Juniper pine forward with a hint of crisp lime citrus.  Inviting, bright and purposeful.  


Piney Juniper and warming spice, leading to a vegetal sweetness and a bright herbaceous freshness from it’s Dorset botanicals.


A long and lingering citrus. A lovely complement of dry and sweet that invites a second sip.

Your Dorset G&T

We created the Dorset Dry Gin botanical recipe to deliver the perfect sundowners G&T.  Juniper forward with a crisp lime freshness, it’s the G&T you can rely on.

  • 50ml Dorset Dry Gin
  • 200ml Indian tonic water
  • Twist of lime peel
  • Plenty of Ice
  • Nostalgic mixtape.
Conker Dorset Dry Gin Gin and Tonic
“This is basically the South Coast in a glass. Each sip whisking you away to one of England’s loveliest counties.”

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The Ten Botanicals of the Dorset Dry

Classic and Juniper led for that refreshing G&T and intricate Martini, but with a little something fresh from Dorset. 

Each botanical plays it part in delivering a moreish gin full of a crisp dry spice, a comforting blend of citrus, and a long herbaceous freshness from our Dorset inspired botanicals.

The Process

Taste of Dorset

Hand-foraged Gorse Flowers from the wild Dorset clifftops.

100% Distilled

All the flavour is derived from the small-batch distillation on 10 select botanicals.  

Genuine Craft

Handcrafted by us from botanical to bottle at our Distillery in Bournemouth. Visit us!

Classic and Versatile

Juniper led with a crisp and refreshing brightness.

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