Dorset Gin

Dorset Gin & Tonic

The serve the Dorset Dry was created for.

When we set to work to create the Dorset Dry, it was designed entirely with your sundowners G&T in mind. Juniper forward with a crisp lime freshness, it’s the G&T you can rely on.


  • 50ml Dorset Dry Gin
  • 200ml classic Indian tonic water
  • Twist of lime peel to garnish
  • You can never have too much ice


If you’re on this website, you should know how to build a G&T. But just in case…

Fill a glass with ice, pour over Dorset Dry Gin and tonic water and top with a twist of lime. Using just the peel for garnish keeps your drink lovely and dry. And remember: ice is not created equal. It’s all about big cubes and plenty of it – ice keeps ice, ice.

Want to mix this up at home?