Dorset Gin

3 Year Port Barrel Gin

43% ABV | 70cl

Three years ago we decided to set aside just one Ruby Port Barrel filled with our Dorset Dry Gin.

There are 280 wax-sealed Limited Edition bottles of this wondrously dark and delicious 3 Year Old Port Barrel Gin 2020 Special Reserve.

Put 2027 in your diary to get hold of a bottle from the next batch.



A rich oaky vanilla with black cherry and dark chocolate. Heavy in Port but with notes of sherry too.


There’s a big woody spice met with jammy forest fruits and a oaked port wine richness. All kept in check with a bold dry juniper.


Dry pine and a warming sweet spice that lingers forever…

The Perfect Serve

This gin deserves nothing less than to be sipped over a few big chunks of ice in your favourite tumbler. Add tonic to that equation and you have one of the tastiest G&Ts we’ve ever encountered.

  • 50ml Port Barrel Gin
  • 200ml classic Indian tonic water
  • Grapefruit or orange peel

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The Ten Botanicals of our Port Barrel Gin

Our Dorset Dry Gin lays down a classic and Juniper-forward backbone to this unique barrel finished gin. Each botanical plays a role in delivering a bright and refreshing gin with a crisp dry spice, a comforting blend of citrus, and a long herbaceous finish from our Dorset inspired botanicals.

Dorset Dry Gin

Our Port Barrel Gin starts its life as our fresh and herbaceous Dorset Dry Gin.

Ruby Port Barrels

5-year-old Ruby Port oak barrels direct from the Douro Valley in Porto.

3 Years in the Barrel

The Dorset Dry Gin extracts the ruby port engrained in the oak walls of the barrel.

Gin like no other

A woody dry spice and bourbon-like vanilla sweetness, with notes of red grape and jammy redcurrant.

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