Dorset Gin

Port Barrel Gin

43% ABV

We’ve rested our Dorset Dry Gin in used Ruby Port barrels for 8 weeks.

Our Dorset Dry Gin draws out the 5-year-old Port from the oak walls of the cask, infusing its aged flavour and turning the gin a stunning ruby-pink.

Delicious with a classic tonic and orange peel, or short as a Port Barrel Gin Old Fashioned.



Dry, freshly cut pine sweetened by vanilla oak and a grape-like jamminess.


The herbaceous fresh brightness of the Dorset Dry Gin is balanced with a woody spice and bourbon-like vanilla sweetness, with the Port adding a melody of forest fruits and jammy red grape.


Dry pine fruit bowl punctuated by crisp lime citrus.

The Perfect Serve

This gin deserves nothing less than to be sipped over a few big chunks of ice in your favourite tumbler. Add tonic to that equation and you have one of the tastiest G&Ts we’ve ever encountered.

  • 50ml Port Barrel Gin
  • 200ml classic Indian tonic water
  • Grapefruit or orange peel

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The Ten Botanicals of our Port Barrel Gin

Our Dorset Dry Gin lays down a classic and Juniper-forward backbone to this unique barrel finished gin. Each botanical plays a role in delivering a bright and refreshing gin with a crisp dry spice, a comforting blend of citrus, and a long herbaceous finish from our Dorset inspired botanicals.

The Process

Dorset Dry Gin

Our Port Barrel Gin starts its life as our fresh and herbaceous Dorset Dry Gin.

Ruby Port Barrels

5-year-old Ruby Port oak barrels direct from the Douro Valley in Porto.

8-week resting

The Dorset Dry Gin extracts the ruby port engrained in the oak walls of the barrel.

Gin like no other

A woody dry spice and bourbon-like vanilla sweetness, with notes of red grape and jammy redcurrant.

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