Dorset Gin

Dorset Dry Gin Jeroboam

40% ABV | 3 Litres

Over 4 x 70cl bottles of our Dorset Dry Gin in a whopping 3 litre Jeroboam bottle.

We’ve made just a handful of these Limited Edition bottles, each individually numbered and wax sealed for prosperity (or immediate opening and devouring).

The Dorset Dry embodies the bright and refreshing spirit of Dorset, with 10 select botanicals, including marsh samphire, elderberries and hand-picked gorse flowers foraged from across the Dorset Jurassic Coast.



Juniper pine forward with a hint of crisp lime citrus.  Inviting, bright and purposeful.  


Piney Juniper and warming spice, leading to a vegetal sweetness and a bright herbaceous freshness from it’s Dorset botanicals.


A long and lingering citrus. A lovely complement of dry and sweet that invites a second sip.

Your Dorset G&T

We created the Dorset Dry Gin botanical recipe to deliver the perfect sundowners G&T.  Juniper forward with a crisp lime freshness, it’s the G&T you can rely on.

  • 50ml Dorset Dry Gin
  • 200ml Indian tonic water
  • Twist of lime peel
  • Plenty of Ice
  • Nostalgic mixtape.
Conker Dorset Dry Gin Gin and Tonic
“This is basically the South Coast in a glass. Each sip whisking you away to one of England’s loveliest counties.”

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The Ten Botanicals of the Dorset Dry

Classic and Juniper led for that refreshing G&T and intricate Martini, but with a little something fresh from Dorset. 

Each botanical plays it part in delivering a moreish gin full of a crisp dry spice, a comforting blend of citrus, and a long herbaceous freshness from our Dorset inspired botanicals.

Taste of Dorset

Hand-foraged Gorse Flowers from the wild Dorset clifftops.

100% Distilled

All the flavour is derived from the small-batch distillation on 10 select botanicals.  

Genuine Craft

Handcrafted by us from botanical to bottle at our Distillery in Bournemouth. Visit us!

Classic and Versatile

Juniper led with a crisp and refreshing brightness.

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