Dorset Gin

French Roast Coffee Liqueur

French Roast Coffee Liqueur

22% ABV | 70cl

Guest Roaster Limited Edition

For the 3rd edition of our Guest Roaster Coffee Liqueur, we’ve looked to our home town and united with Bournemouth’s Bad Hand Coffee Roasters – independent producers of killer coffee with a clear conscience (and all-round decent human beings).

This French Roast Coffee Liqueur delivers a roasty toasty espresso wallop with a wonderful complexity and fruity sweetness.

Roasted by Bad Hand, Cold Brewed and liqueur’d by us, these organically grown Speciality coffees are sourced from green Importers who trade directly with sustainable farms and pay them the price they deserve, empowering multi-generational coffee farming communities.

Killer Coffee. Clear Conscience.

Includes 2 FREE 150ml cans of Fever-Tree Tonic Water with every 70cl bottle.


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Think peaty smoked whiskey and a slab of dark chocolate


Big espresso, liquorice, black treacle and roasty tobacco


Lingering browned caramel and vanilla

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“This liqueur is so packed with coffee beans that it smells exactly like a very dark, very strong mug of freshly brewed coffee. Perfection.”