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Dorset Dry Gin (40%)

Our refreshing take on a classic London Dry. Well-balanced and Juniper-led, but with the bright and refreshing Dorset notes of elderberries, samphire and handpicked gorse flowers.

Distilled and bottled by us at Dorset’s first gin distillery, Conker Gin embodies the spirit of the county, blending British wheat spirit and New Forest Spring Water with botanicals from across the Dorset coast and New Forest.

Includes 1 FREE 500ml bottle of Double Dutch Indian Tonic water with every 70cl bottle

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Tasting Notes

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"Milton Abbey days, The Ferret Club. Thursday night is beer night - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are gin nights. Long live Conker. Love MPW x"

Marco Pierre-White, chef and restauranteur


Originated from 10
carefully selected Botanicals

1/10 Juniper Berries

Where it's from

Grown in the wild in Italy, it’s not actually a berry at all; it’s a female seed cone. That’s dinner party GOLD.

What it contributes

The vital component in gin and the headline act in the Dorset Dry.

Flavour profile

Pine needles, freshly-cut wood and dry spice.

2/10 Coriander Seeds

Where it's from

Grown in Sussex here in the UK.

What it contributes

A usual suspect in a London Dry, and used in the Dorset Dry in the absence of lemon peel in the botanical mix.

Flavour profile

Savoury lemon citrus and a soft Asian spice.

3/10 Angelica Root

Where it's from

Taken from the root of the Angelica plant and found growing from Syria right through to France, we’ve chosen Belgium’s herbaceous harvests

What it contributes

Works as a drying agent in the Dorset Dry, adding a bitterness that’s essential to its classic, London Dry gin foundation.

Flavour profile

The tannins give a woody, slightly perfumed earthy dryness similar to black tea.

4/10 Orris Root

Where it's from

Grown all over the world, this heady botanical is taken from the root of the irresistible Iris flower.

What it contributes

Used less for its flavour and more for its trickery in binding and enhancing flavours, giving longevity to the gin.

Flavour profile

Floral sweet Palma Violets; earthy, dusty and woody.

5/10 Cassia Bark

Where it's from

Taken from the bark of the Cinnamomum aromaticum tree, we source ours from Indonesia.

What it contributes

Cassia bark adds a layer of sweet spiced complexity to the Dorset Dry, bridging the gaps between the piney juniper and the bold citrus melody of coriander seed, bitter orange and lime.

Flavour profile

Think sticky Danish or cinnamon swirl - earthy warm spice, with a sweetness similar to liquorice.

6/10 Bitter Orange Peel

Where it's from

The fertile soil of the great orange-growing empires: Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt and India, depending on yield.

What it contributes

Welcoming notes of warm rich sweet citrus that round off the spice and heat from juniper and cassia bark. This comforting orange is paired with the bright, crisp punctuation of fresh lime peel.

Flavour profile

Thick-cut Seville marmalade, molasses and orange liqueur.

7/10 Fresh Lime Peel

Where it's from

Whilst you’ll find limes growing across the world, the juiciest and most lip-smackingly delicious live in Mexico and Peru… good old South America.

What it contributes

Subtle when neat, yet when diluted with tonic the lime peel jumps forward, self-garnishing the drink with a refreshing lime zest bite. Clawingly dry, moreish and inviting.

Flavour profile

Clean and crisp lime zest, refreshing dry pithiness.

8/10 Marsh Samphire

Where it's from

Can be found growing along the wild and wonderful Dorset coastline.

What it contributes

Once distilled the salt is left behind in the still, adding to the Dorset Dry only the luscious and herbaceous green notes akin to green tea and a remarkable caramel sweetness.

Flavour profile

Sea saline, burnt caramel, green tea, cut grass, earthy herbaceousness.

9/10 Gorse Flowers

Where it's from

Handpicked by our Conkerers in the heart of Dorset.

What it contributes

Lifting the Dorset Dry from its classic, London Dry foundation bringing a subtle floral sweetness and cut straw - once perfectly described as a ‘yellow brightness’.

Flavour profile

Clean nectar sweetness, camomile, fresh coconut and nectarine.

10/10 Elderberries

Where it's from

Our last batch was sourced from Bulgaria, but we go where the harvests triumph.

What it contributes

The last botanical to join the Dorset Dry recipe – cooling blue fruit that calms the peaks and troughs of our botanical recipe. A good nose can pick out the lingering jammy finish of the Dorset Dry.

Flavour profile

Cool blueberry, jammy, blackberry hedgerow.

Tasting Notes

An intricate gin that’s slightly less dry than its London cousin. Complex, layered and with a bright freshness and intriguingly long finish that invites the second sip.


Juniper pine forward with a hint of crisp lime citrus. Bright and purposeful.


Juniper leads, followed by spice and slightly sweetened by the herbaceous blue-fruit notes of elderberries.


Long lingering citrus. A lovely compliment of dry and sweet.

"This gin is ace in a martini and delicious with tonic in that very British way."

John Torode, Masterchef


2019 – San Francisco World Spirits Competition Packaging Design BRONZE

2019 – San Francisco World Spirits Competition SILVER

2019 – International Spirit Challenge SILVER

2019 – Bartenders Brand Awards Value SILVER

2019 – Bartenders Brand Awards Taste SILVER

2019 – Bartenders Brand Awards Design SILVER

2018 – London Spirits Competition SILVER

2017 – World Spirits Competition GOLD

2017 – The Gin masters GOLD

2017 – San Francisco World Spirits Competition GOLD

2016 – The Gin masters GOLD

2016 – Taste of the West GOLD

2016 – International Wine and Spirit Competition G&T SILVER

2016 – International Wine & Spirits Competition Gin Packaging of the Year TROPHY

2016 – International Wine & Spirits Competition BRONZE

2016 – Great Taste 2 STAR

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