Dorset Gin

Conker Raspberry Gin.

Our Dorset Dry Gin infused with British Raspberries.

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The Conker Distillery

Handcrafted on the wild Dorset Coast

Established in 2014 as Dorset’s first gin distillery, authenticity is our lifeblood.  We take risks, have fun and innovate in the restless pursuit of exciting new ground.

Positive Impact and Integrity

Beautiful products should not have an ugly impact on the planet. We’re committed to delivering a Net Planet Positive environmental and social contribution by 2030.

Genuine Craft

We’re the real deal; no gimmicks or marketing bamboozling. Authenticity is our lifeblood.

Independent & Family Owned

We have the enviable freedom to pursue our ambitions and stay true to our values.

Total Quality

We stand by truthful craftsmanship and the best possible ingredients to deliver the finest taste and experience.

Community Spirit

We’re Dorset through and through. By being a valuable part of our community, we can create an authentic sense of place in all our spirits.

Perpetually Learning

We have fun, take risks and innovate in the restless pursuit of exciting new ground.

Our Distillery Experiences