Dorset Gin

Health Questionnaire

You are entering a controlled environment thus must adhere to company policies and procedures to ensure continued safe production of foodstuffs for human consumption and for the health and safety of our staff.

All visitors and contractors etc must
1) Complete the Health Questionnaire
2) Read, understand and adhere to our key rules.

Thank you for your understanding.

Health Questionnaire

Full Name(Required)
In The Last 14 days...
Have you been, or have you been in contact with anyone, suffering from any of the following: COVID-19, typhoid, paratyphoid, cholera, dysentery, gastro-enteritis, salmonella or other food poisoning infection?(Required)d
Had any skin, ear or nose and throat infections?(Required)
Key Rules
  • This is a nut free site therefore please do not bring any nuts or products containing nuts on site.
  • Only food provided by the host may be consumed on site and only in the designated areas.
  • The use of glass in production/storage areas is restricted, please notify the host manager if you need to bring glass items into these areas.
  • Do not touch materials, equipment or products unless specifically authorised to do so.
  • Mobile phones/cameras are not to be taken into the production area without approval from the host manager.
  • I have completed the Health Questionnaire to the best of my knowledge.
  • I have read, understood and will adhere to the Company Key rules.
  • I will notify the host immediately of any non-conformances of the above policies and procedures.
In signing I agree to the following statement above.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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