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Bowser LEAF is an alcohol free exploration of the fresh, herbaceous foliage of plants, derived entirely from the spring water distillation of five honest botanicals. Read more

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"We believe that drinking less should be easier and tastier, without the stigma. We created Bowser to help you live well and explore mindful drinking"

- Rupert, Bowser Founder.

The 0% distillery, liberating flavour with the spring water distillation of botanicals, free from the distraction of alcohol .

The raw essence of botanicals captured in a spring water distillate. The very definition of purity and clarity of flavour.

0 Alcohol

0 Calories

0 Sugar


Gluten Free

0 Artificial

Bursts through tonic with fresh green flavours and a wonderful dryness. And no alcohol! Bowser is genius

Kimi Davis


Mint, Tarragon, Patchouli, Thyme and Basil come together to deliver a lively and complex alcohol-free drinking experience like no other. A fresh bouquet of savoury green flavour, spice and natural sweetness pops from the glass, with a moreish and lingering dryness.

A juicy effervescence brings a familiar menthol lightness to counter the savoury elements of the botanical blend.

Tarragon has wonderful anise notes giving sweetness and a green herbaceous flavour with hints of liquorice.

Patchouli lays down a complex backdrop of woody dry spice and earthy vanilla sweetness, leading Bowser LEAF into a curious dry finish.

Savoury and woody with hints of lemon and mint, thyme adds a subtle dryness, keeping the sweet notes from its fellow botanicals in balance.

Basil is robust and unmistakable with a perfumed savoury freshness, giving Bowser LEAF its soft rounded finish.


No calories, sugars or fats. Vegan and gluten-free. Most importantly, no alcohol whatsoever. When you rely solely on distillation for flavour, you can be sure of innocent 0% sipping.


The process is simple, and reassuringly ancient. Distil, extract, purify. Delivering the honest taste of plants in their naked, distilled form.

Bowser is distilled in small batch copper alembic pot stills – the exact same ancient distillation process used in the production of our craft spirits. Yet, instead of spirit alcohol, we harness the essence of botanicals with the purity of New Forest Spring Water, sourced locally just 15 miles from our distillery doors.

We distill each botanical in turn

We tailor the distillation process to their individual characteristics and flavour profile. This ensures an honest clarity of flavour, whilst imparting a weightiness and silky texture to the liquid that’s impossible to achieve from the shortcut of artificial flavourings.



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