If you love our Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, then clearly you know your coffee.

We’re offering one incredibly lucky coffee lover and a friend the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join us on our 4-day adventure to Brazil’s FAF coffee plantation in Mococa – the origin of one of the world-class coffees used in our Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur.

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What's on offer

You’ll join Conker Founder, Rupert, and his trusty team as we journey off the tourist track.

From flights, accomodation, travel in-country and board*, we’ve got it covered for you. All you’ll need is some spare dollars for your roadside souvenirs.

Discover the astonishing lengths the FAF coffee farmers go to to produce the Grade 1 sustainable coffee we know and love.

Experience the people, process, culture and customs behind our Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur’s award-winning ingredient - on us!

*See full Terms & Conditions here.


Saturday 25th May 2019
We plan to fly out from London Heathrow at 22.25pm GMT. The flight duration is approximately 12 hours. Brazil here we come!


Sunday 26th May 2019
We arrive bright and breezy at Sao Paulo Airport, Brazil at approximately 6.20 am BRST. We will then embark on a 3-4 hour transfer by private car to FAF coffee farm in Mococa. Be prepared to be gazing out of the window like a Labrador for the entire journey. Once at the FAF coffee farm in Mococa, you and your guest will check into your complimentary twin room. After some lunch we will tour the FAF farm, ending the day with dinner on the farm.


Monday 27th May 2019
We wake on the farm and start the day with breakfast laid on by FAF. The plan is to spend the rest of the morning in the FAF laboratory, experiencing the fascinating process of coffee cupping the various coffees of the region - you’ll be an expert in no time. After a spot of lunch, we will jump in the cars for a trip to FAF partner farms - estimated journey time 2 or so hours. That afternoon we return to the FAF farm for dinner and beddy-byes.


Tuesday 28th May 2019
After breakfast on the farm we’ll set off again by car to visit local farms and coffee processing facilities in the region. Once we’ve had our fill, we’ll head back to the FAF farm for dinner and to enjoy our last night in Brazil.


Wednesday 29th May 2019
Breakfast and goodbyes to our farm hosts. We’ll set out for Sao Paulo by private car to visit the FAF Studio coffee roastery and FAF’s Isso e Café – the end of the journey for FAF speciality coffee beans. We’ll grab some lunch before heading back to Sao Paulo Airport, where our return flights depart at 15.30 BRST. Flight duration approximately 12 hours. Homeward bound...


Thursday 30th May 2019
Our flight lands at Heathrow Airport at 6:55 GMT. That’s it! We wipe away the tears and part ways. You and your guest will arrange for your own travel home from Heathrow Airport.

What we have planned


Over the 4 days staying on the FAF farm, we will be able to venture out to neighbouring farms to see the wide range of different farming and coffee processing techniques, returning each day to the comfort of your accommodation on the FAF farm.

For the coffee geek

See for yourself how coffee is rarely seen – still in its bright red cherry fruit, ripe for handpicking.

You’ll be immersed in the whole process; from the selective hand-harvesting of the coffee cherries to their meticulous sorting and grading on the drying racks.

Staying in accommodation on the FAF plantation itself, this is your chance to truly absorb the culture, customs and characters that this beautiful region has to offer.

Learn all about the professional practice of coffee cupping in FAF’s world-class coffee lab, working with Rupert and his team to discover the coffee that will be used in our Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur.

Learn how to differentiate between coffees types and identify the aromas and taste profiles each brew has to offer.

Adventure off the tourist track to experience the real Brazil - this is travelling at its best.

FAF’s mission

"A socially, environmentally and economically Sustainable Farm - a model that sows the seeds of sustainability to the individual, to the family, to the business community and to society."

They won us over with their meticulous attention to detail, not to mention the centuries-old, hands-on approach to curating their world-class Grade 1 natural processed coffee. This is why we just had to see it for ourselves, and we thought we’d take you along for the ride.

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