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Mojito Gin (46%)

We were asked by That Boutique-y Gin Company to create the ultimate twist on a classic – Mojito Gin. No mean feat!

To embody this infamous rum cocktail in a gin, we started with a molasses spirit, which we distilled with fresh mint and lime peel alongside the more classic gin botanicals of juniper berry, angelic root, orris root and coriander seed.

The molasses base spirit delivers extra smoothness and a touch of rum-like sweetness, while the botanicals perfectly combine the dry spice of a London Dry gin with the exotic intensity of lime and mint.

Sorry rum lovers, you now love gin.

To find out more about That Boutique-y Gin Company and their curious concoctions, visit www.thatboutiqueygincompany.com

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Tasting Notes

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"Fantastic! The mint is almost ethereal! A truly new gin experience"

Master of Malt


Mojito G&T

Sorry rum lovers, you now love gin.


Rustle up a G&T like no other. Punchy and perpetually surprising, put down your shakers and sugar syrup and create a simpler version of the mojito cocktail.

  • 50ml Mojito Gin
  • 200ml classic Indian tonic water
  • Ice
  • Fresh mint and a lime wedge


If you’re a G&T lover, you can make this with your eyes shut: grab a gorgeous glass, pour over the Mojito Gin, top with tonic water and garnish with fresh mint and a lime wedge. Totally tropical.


Tasting Notes


Initially there’s a burst of peppermint followed by an underlay of sweet icing sugar and earthy juniper. Ripe lime emerges with time.


The herbaceous notes add spice to the returning mint and bright juniper. More lime citrus and a little vanilla essence are present underneath.


Inescapable menthol mint and a touch of black peppercorn spice lingers.

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