Conker Lab x Ojo Rojo – Negroni Winter Blend (22%)

We're teaming up with some of our favourite bars to bring you ready to drink cocktails you can enjoy anywhere, poured over ice straight from the fridge.

First up, a coffee and agave twist on the mighty Negroni from the Mezcal nerds at Ojo Rojo.

A Negroni inspired union of Quiquiriqui Matatlan Mezcal, Campari and Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur infused with a blend of wintery spices, porcini mushroom, cacao nib, almonds and a smoky hint of frankincense and myrrh.

Tasting Notes – Unapologetic and forthright. A wonderful union of espresso, smoky mezcal, and bittersweet winter spice.

Keep in the fridge and pour over ice. Done!

Limited Edition – Only 30 up for grabs! Your bottle will be shipped week commencing 4th January.

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Tasting Notes

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Unapologetic and forthright. A wonderful union of espresso, smoky mezcal, and bittersweet winter spice.

Spiced Conker Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

Where it's from

It all starts with the same incredible Speciality Grade 1 coffees from Ethiopia and Brazil used in our Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

What it contributes

Infused with a whole bunch of wintery spices, cacao nibs, almonds, porcini mushrooms and resinous frankincense and myrrh

Flavour profile

Soft chocolatey sweetness, malty wintery spiced coffee, finishing with smoky incense

Quiquiriqui Matatlan Mezcal

Where it's from

Made from 100% Espadin agave in the Mexican village of Santiago Matalan

What it contributes

This gives a smoky, fruit back bone to the cocktail and mingles beautifully with the spice

Flavour profile

Toasty, roasted agave with a peppery finish


Where it's from

Made in Italy by infusing spirit and water with a secret recipe of herbs and spices

What it contributes

Campari adds a complex, orangey, bittersweet flavour that makes you want another sip as soon as you try and put it down

Flavour profile

Bittersweet orange, cherry and spice

Tasting Notes

No added sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives, which allows the ingredients to speak for themselves.


Vegetal and red fruit with a wispy hint of resinous smoke.


Big roasted peppery agave leads into bittersweet orange and cherries and all softened by that winter spice and chocolate/caramel coffee notes.


Long rich bitter finish blending with those warm spices and ending with that smoky incense.