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Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur (25%)

The coffee liqueur for true coffee lovers. No flavourings or imitation – just Grade 1 forest grown speciality Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees, a touch of demerara sugar and our distilled British wheat spirit.

Includes 1 FREE 500ml bottle of Double Dutch Light Indian water with every 70cl bottle

Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur now also has a decaffeinated sister to help you sleep at night…

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Tasting Notes

"Perfectly balanced, without the synthetic sweetness of other coffee liqueurs - and the hints of caramel and vanilla don’t compromise the coffee itself."

Mark Hix, MBE


Doesn't just taste like coffee, it is coffee.

Speciality Brazilian Coffee

Where it's from

Our Brazilian coffee comes from the FAF Coffee farms in the Sao Paulo state (900-1400m elevation). The Croce family are pioneering a shift-change in Brazil away from destructive mass-produced coffee farming towards low volume, high quality organic and sustainable coffees. Their 'Bob-o-link' project supports and educates small neighbouring farms to improve the quality of their crops while completely removing harmful inputs like fertilisers and pesticides. FAF are literally changing the lives of their community and giving them a future in coffee farming. We are proud to play a small part in that.

What it contributes

The cherries are natural processed, meaning that they are carefully dried in the sun as a whole fruit, before the seeds are removed. This effectively marinates the bean in the fruit, contributing to a rich, buttery body and silky chocolate notes.

Flavour profile

Clean milk chocolate, praline, vanilla and some red fruits, which we coax out with a long, gentle roast profile.

Ethiopian Coffee

Where it's from

Our Ethiopian coffee is from the Guji Zone in the southern highlands of Ethiopia (2000-2200m elevation). The coffee is a selected micro-lot from a forest farm estate, where all of the coffee is grown in the shade of the natural forest, using biodiversity as a tool to curate incredible tasting coffees.

What it contributes

Coffees from here are derived from native wild varieties of arabica, and have a distinctive, hoppy and spicy character, made all the more complex thanks to dry-processing, which increases the fruitiness of the beans.

Flavour profile

We roast this coffee to a lower temperature than the Brazilian beans, so as to preserve its lovely acidity, which helps contribute a bright citrus character – like grapefruit and lime, but with a nice caramel/chocolate aftertaste.

New Forest Spring Water

Where it's from

Sourced in the heart of the New Forest, direct from the bottling line at New Forest Spring Water - you can’t get fresher than that.

What it contributes

When you brew fresh coffee with water that’s free from impurities and additives, you taste it at its best, without any interference.

Flavour profile

Nothing. A wonderfully pure nothing.

British Wheat Spirit

Where it's from

The rolling fields of Britain, distilled in sunny Dorset.

What it contributes

We've taken Conker Cold Brew to 25% abv, accompanying the melody of bitter-sweet with a comforting spirituous warmth.

Flavour profile

Conker Cold Brew is deliberately coffee forward, letting the wheat spirit play a supporting role, adding just a spirituous warm heat to the brew, without contributing flavour.

Demerara Sugar

Where it's from

Originating from the banks of what is now known as the River Demerara in Eastern Guyana, our Demerara comes from a variety of deliciously sweet countries including Jamaica, Malawi, and Costa Rica

What it contributes

Rounding off our bold cold brewed espresso blend, leaving just the right amount of bitterness to keep the drink firmly grounded in coffee. Slight syrupy mouthfeel, whilst being free from thickeners and artificial sweeteners, so that you don’t get that lingering sickly aftertaste.

Flavour profile

A comforting rich and complex sweetness, with browned caramel, vanilla and hints of treacle.

For the coffee geek

Conker Cold Brew doesn’t just taste like coffee, it is coffee – come and see for yourself.

When you can’t rely on the usual flavourings and additives typical of coffee liqueurs, you need to use some of the best coffees in the world. No shortcuts; just an obsessive focus on quality at every step of the journey, from bean to brew.

See for yourself how coffee is rarely seen – still in its bright red cherry fruit, ripe for handpicking.

You’ll be immersed in the whole process; from the selective hand-harvesting of the coffee cherries to their meticulous sorting and grading on the drying racks.

Staying in accommodation on the FAF plantation itself, this is your chance to truly absorb the culture, customs and characters that this beautiful region has to offer.

Learn all about the professional practice of coffee cupping in FAF’s world-class coffee lab, working with Rupert and his team to discover the coffee that will be used in our Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur.

Learn how to differentiate between coffees types and identify the aromas and taste profiles each brew has to offer.

Adventure off the tourist track to experience the real Brazil - this is travelling at its best.

Tasting Notes

Coffee liqueur, but not as you know it. A tribute to the dramatic jammy fruitiness of our Grade 1 natural processed coffees. Precisely roasted to deliver a bold coffee with liquorice and cocoa, whilst enhancing natural vanillas and hints of stoned fruits and caramel.


Bright freshly ground coffee, dark chocolate and an earthy browned caramel.


Gently warming heat paired with bold yet lightly roasted espresso and a lively citrus fruitiness. Appropriate bitterness is married with browned demerara, caramel and vanilla.


The finish that just won’t quit – long café aromas, comforting sweetness and liquorice.

“Conker Coffee Liqueur makes the best espresso martini. Thank you, MPW x”

Marco Pierre-White, chef and restauranteur


2020 – San Francisco World Spirits Competition Coffee Liqueur SILVER

2019 – London Spirits Competition SILVER

2019 – Taste Of The West GOLD

2019 – San Francisco World Spirits Competition Packaging Design BRONZE

2019 – International Spirit Challenge SILVER

2019 – Bartenders Brand Awards Value BRONZE

2019 – Bartenders Brand Awards Taste BRONZE

2019 – Bartenders Brand Awards Design SILVER

2018 – San Francisco World Spirits Competition Packaging Design GOLD

2018 – London Spirits Competition SILVER

2018 – London Spirits Competition GOLD

2018 – Great Taste Awards 3 STAR

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