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Films: Travels

When you work with the best ingredients in the world, it’s worth paying them a little visit. Sit back and meet the people and places that make Conker so extraordinary.


#1 Ethiopia Trip – Drying Station, Yirgacheffe

Day one of our jaunt to the source of the Ethiopian coffees we use to create Conker Cold Brew - It’s amazing what you can edit together in the back of a Toyota Land Cruiser! More films to follow...


#2 Ethiopia Trip – Washing Station, Yirgacheffe

Film two direct from Ethiopia! All Arabica coffee from around the world originates from this incredible country. Where else would we come for a coffee jolly?!


#3 Ethiopia Trip – Cupping Coffee – Addis Ababa

Holla! Film 3 takes us to the capital Addis Ababa to cup a range of coffees from across Ethiopia and to sample the Guji natural processed coffee we saw growing in the mountains just a few days ago. This very coffee will be in your Conker Cold Brew later this year!


#4 Ethiopia Trip – Coffee Plantation, Guji Highlands

Film 4 takes us to Guji Highlands and the source of the Ethiopian coffee used in Conker Cold Brew. Grown in its natural environment within the canopy of the forest for a more sustainable and ecologically sound approach to coffee farming (and it’s bloomin tasty as a result!)

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