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When you work with the best ingredients in the world, it’s worth paying them a little visit. Sit back and meet the people and places that make Conker so extraordinary.


Visiting our coffee farms in Brazil

We met the Croce family at their FAF farm in Macoca, Brazil, to see for ourselves their pioneering work in sustainable coffee farming


#1 Ethiopia Trip – Drying Station, Yirgacheffe

Day one of our jaunt to the source of the Ethiopian coffees we use to create Conker Cold Brew - It’s amazing what you can edit together in the back of a Toyota Land Cruiser! More films to follow...


#2 Ethiopia Trip – Washing Station, Yirgacheffe

Film two direct from Ethiopia! All Arabica coffee from around the world originates from this incredible country. Where else would we come for a coffee jolly?!


#3 Ethiopia Trip – Cupping Coffee – Addis Ababa

Holla! Film 3 takes us to the capital Addis Ababa to cup a range of coffees from across Ethiopia and to sample the Guji natural processed coffee we saw growing in the mountains just a few days ago. This very coffee will be in your Conker Cold Brew later this year!


#4 Ethiopia Trip – Coffee Plantation, Guji Highlands

Film 4 takes us to Guji Highlands and the source of the Ethiopian coffee used in Conker Cold Brew. Grown in its natural environment within the canopy of the forest for a more sustainable and ecologically sound approach to coffee farming (and it’s bloomin tasty as a result!)

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