The Dirty Martini gone clean

6th May 2021

If you’re a martini lover, you may want to sit down. Because we’re about to add a serious contender to your list of all-time-favourite martinis.

Drum roll please…

Introducing, the Clean Dirty Martini! Ready to drink straight from the fridge, the perfect serve every single time.

This curious creation is the illegitimate lovechild of Conker Lab and olive oil extraordinaires at Two Fields. And what a lovechild it is: Conker Dorset Dry Gin and dry vermouth, washed with Two Fields Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  

If you know anything about our past collabs, you’ll know we like to sift the gems from the sand to discover the awesome people creating truly unique and delicious products. Two Fields is most certainly one of them.

Lovingly produced by brothers, Harry and Will Rolph, Two Fields Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a single estate extra virgin olive oil made from hand-picked, cold-pressed Koroneiki olives. Inspired by the beautiful place they call home — Zakros on the eastern tip of the island of Crete – their small-scale, regenerative approach produces small batches of delicious olive oil in harmony with nature. 

Introduce this Greek nectar to Conker Dorset Dry Gin and dry vermouth, and you get a super complex, textural dirty martini that makes a perfect predinner or brunch cocktail (or both, darn it). Pre-mixed and ready to pour, there’s no need for stirring, shaking, or any other fannying around. Simply pop it in the freezer one hour before serving, and let it make friends with your fanciest glass.

We don’t say this lightly: it needs to be tasted to be believed. As with all our collabs, our Clean Dirty Martini is a limited edition run, so if you’re curious about the concoction, you better get your hands on it sharpish.

Tasting Notes – Piney juniper and spice lead seamlessly into velvety green with a hint of citrus before finishing peppery and fresh. The texture is silky, smooth and delicious!


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