Sippin’ on Gin ‘n Juice

6th November 2020

We know you love cocktails. Who doesn’t!? But ready-mixed cocktails in a can? We’d be the first to wrinkle our noses in hesitation…

Which is why we thought we’d take the matter into our own hands. Well, our Head Distiller Dave Halls’ hands. And what a capable pair of creative mitts they are.

Say a big, juicy hello to our latest arrival: premium craft Gin & Juice, in a (rather attractive) 330ml can. And yep – this crafty concoction tastes just as good as if it were freshly poured by your favourite bartender, enjoyed in the comfort of your garden, beached deckchair or sunny park…

You’ll be pleased to know we’ve taken zero shortcuts. After countless recipes and many taste tests (tough job), there was only one concoction that made the grade: our Dorset Dry Gin, expertly blended with the heady delights of Hampshire’s Hill Farm Apple & Elderflower Juice, finished off with just the right amount of bubbles. Pop!

Blended at 5% abv, we wanted to create a Gin & Juice where you can actually taste the gin, and by the look on our taste-testers’ faces, we succeeded. Winner! 

As with all of our products, there are no added sweeteners, flavourings or preservatives, which allows the ingredients to speak for themselves. At first, you’re hit with juicy, bright apples and a little fresh acidity, which gives way to soft juniper spice before finishing with a sweet, floral elderflower flourish. The result is a satisfyingly sunny serve that can be adored anywhere.

Go get yourself a can and head to the sand.


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