Our Cold Brew Collaboration with Girls Who Grind Coffee

18th March 2021


You already know we love coffee. You also know we love a good cause. Put them together and what do you get? The badass babes, Girls Who Grind Coffee! And guess what? We’re joining forces to create a limited edition run of our Cold Brew Coffee liqueur! 

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Based in the South West, this all-female speciality coffee roastery holds no punches. Their cause is commendable, their coffee delicious, and their appetite for female equality insatiable. Run by Fi O’Brien and Casey LaLonde, Girls Who Grind don’t just make epic-tasting coffee, they source their coffees exclusively from female producers, even donating a percentage of sales revenues to the cause. So, you can see why we wanted to work with them. 

We chose their Kirindera Women’s Peace Coffee from the Coopade Women’s Section in Virunga National Park, Congo. The term ‘Women’s Section’ says it all: in July 2016, Coopade created this all-female division to allow women coffee farmers to control and develop their own coffee production through the whole chain. Finally, in 2020, some of the coffee produced by women was kept separate from the rest of the cooperative’s production and marketed with its own identity: Kirindera Women’s Peace Coffee. Considering women do at least 70% of the work that is carried out to produce coffee the world over, but never receive the credit, we think this is a long time coming.

These coffee-growing superheroines also employ young people across the DRC and provide them with an alternative to joining the armed groups that are destabilising the region. Gisele Kahindo, from Coopade’s Women’s Section, was asked why they chose to call their coffee ‘Women’s Peace Coffee’: 

“Because of the atrocities that have been committed and which continue to be committed in Eastern DR Congo. It’s so that by growing coffee women can say no to what is happening – and in particular, by employing young people we can provide them with an alternative so that they are no longer drawn to join the armed groups that are destabilizing Virunga National Park. We want to see peace for everyone living in DR Congo, and above all for those living on the borders of the Virunga National Park.’

As you can imagine, we desperately wanted to do their awesome coffee justice. As with our original Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, we’ve cold brewed the Kirindera Women’s Peace Coffee with local New Forest Spring water, wheat spirit vodka, and a touch of Demerara. With a light temperature roast, cold brewing process and alcohol abv at 20%, the liqueur is bright and fruity, with a complex coffee journey on the pallet. No thickeners, preservatives or anything artificial in sight. 

The result is lip-smackingly good. Here are the tasting notes to whet your appetite:

Aroma – Floral rose and light fruity notes.

Taste – Buttery, ice cream, maple syrup.

Finish – Rhubarb tartness with a toffee/fudge finish. 



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