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When Rupert left his day job to launch Dorset’s first gin distillery, it was a nail-biting moment. Fast-forward six years, and it’s clear the leap of faith was worth it. Written by the Head Conkerer himself, read about Rupert’s unique journey and thoughts on throwing in the towel to follow your passion.

#Conker Blog Issue 4: Ladders & Dots

The career path that has led me to sitting at the helm of Conker Spirit is full of twists and three point turns. I couldn’t have foreseen how each path would play a role in getting me there – you can only join up the dots looking back. In early…

#Conker Blog Issue 5: Money shmoney

I’d hazard a guess that one of the top justifications not to follow a dream or do something like start your own business would be ‘money’. Whilst the amount of money you have will impact on your ability to do something, it will be your attitude to money itself…

#Conker Blog Issue 6: A happy kind of hungry

When I set out in Conker, I was seeking happiness and contentment in my work. I thought that running my own business, building something for myself, would finally quench the ambition and hunger that had kept me restless. But now, three years in, I’ve realised that when you run…

#Conker Blog Issue 7: Your time is now

The single most important factor for me launching Conker was the internet. In fact, Conker simply wouldn’t have happened without it; There has never been a better time for you to do your own thing, learn new things, follow your passion or launch your own business.  When…

#Conker Blog iSSUE 8: Letting Go of Your Sunk Costs

This month marks 5 years since I stepped away from the career I’d spent my adult life building.  Despite my unblinking conviction that Conker would be a success, walking away and letting go of all that investment of money, sweat, tears and my precious time was near impossible. It turns…

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