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When Rupert left his day job to launch Dorset’s first gin distillery, it was a nail-biting moment. Fast-forward six years, and it’s clear the leap of faith was worth it. Written by the Head Conkerer himself, read about Rupert’s unique journey and thoughts on throwing in the towel to follow your passion.

#Conker Blog Issue 4: Ladders & Dots

The career path that has led me to sitting at the helm of Conker Spirit is full of twists and three point turns. I couldn’t have foreseen how each path would play a role in getting me there – you can only join up the dots looking back. In early…

#Conker Blog Issue 3: Relearning creativity

A little over three years ago, I’d come to the refreshing conclusion that I was going to start a new career. I’d work for myself and build a business that would inspired me – something I could pour my heart into. But doing what exactly?! You’re led to believe that…

#Conker Blog Issue 2: Living your work

Either you’re here again because my first blog entry was bearable enough to spark enough intrigue for you to take a second look, or you are as yet undecided – humour me… So what is this Conker Blog all about then? Well, I can assure you that you’ll not be…

#Conker Blog Issue 1: Getting Started

Making the first move to start something new can be harder than the thing itself. I’ve wanted to write a blog from day one of Conker, so in January 2015 I made it my resolution… well that year passed quickly! So here goes: Conker Blog Issue 1: ‘Getting Started’ When…


Join us on our road trip to the source of our brazilian speciality coffee.

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